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FWT implements the best of the processes (Poka-yoke model) and state-of-art technology to produce very high quality, flawless and cost-efficient products that meet international standards. The company has completed millions of jobs, manufactured ten machines (domestic as well as exported), and four machines have been converted from scrap to fully functional, thoroughly refurbished right from the smallest parts to the entire body/structure and high-end controller system.

FWT is equipped with two friction welding machines, three furnaces for post heat treatment and tool room facility to support work holding requirements of the production of various components.

FWT has the following capabilities

Made to order New Friction Welding Machines. Offer optional built-in accessories like flash turning attachment or separate de-flash machine.
Undertake turnkey projects – Friction Welding and post heat treatment setup for drill manufacturing plant
Feasibility Study for your components
Design & Development of the Tooling for different component geometries
Development of Friction Welding that satisfy strength requirements
Fully-finished part with CNC machining
Thorough testing that includes Tensile, Bend, Vacuum leak, X-ray, Microstructure, Torsion and Impact test
Refurbishing Friction Welding Machines of any make
Redesign & modifications in the old and critical mechanical assemblies, like spindle, to latest technological standards
Up gradation of Hydraulic System for better control over the process parameters
Customized CNC controller with spindle servo motor for Friction Welding Machine

FWT manufactures the best quality friction welding machines that are cost-effective, “idiot-proof”, with full process automation, high-end controller systems with fastest learning curve, require minimal assistance, access-control and interlocks at various levels of hierarchy and that deliver high quality, controlled shrinkage friction welding components.
FWT friction-welded components have been used across various industries such as Electrical, Nuclear (C.A.T), Aerospace (BrahMos), Automotive, Agricultural & Trucking, Cutting Tools, Oil Refineries, Pumps & Valves, Bi-metallic & Special applications amongst others.

Every job undertaken by FWT produces components that come with all the benefits of the friction welding technology and the benefits of having produced by a company that functions on High-Quality standards, has a Process-Driven approach, produces output in the most Cost-Effective way and that is driven by Excellence.