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Yatin TambeĀ 

Founder & Director


Detail-oriented & Methodical Innovator
With a mind that runs like a well-oiled machine, Yatin Tambe is on road to become a Global player in friction welding technology.


When you work hard in silence, it is your success that makes all the noise. If that dictum epitomises Yatin Tambe, it is because very early on he realised that opportunities are usually disguised as hard work that most don’t recognize.

Founder and Director, Friction Welding and Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Yatin chose to foray into an uncharted territory of friction welding, hailing from an Electronics background. With humble beginnings a trainee, Yatin displayed a keen sense of innovation from the outset, often straddling career and education.

Ever so committed to take newer challenges head on, Yatin started his career with LevelTech Process Controllers where he scripted a spectacular success story, by multiplying the company’s turn-over four times in a month’s time. Later, Yatin moved on to Phillips, where in a breakthrough of sorts, he successfully developed and marketed the first-ever small-sized speaker. Taking every new assignment that came his way as a learning curve, Yatin relentlessly pursued new disciplines that established a research methodology distinctly different from the beaten path.
For a technology that he stumbled upon part willingly and part perchance, Yatin proved equal to the challenge when a few years later he managed to mend a newly purchased but non-functional friction welding machine. At a time when friction welding technology was unknown in the country, Yatin’s exemplary achievement made everyone sit up and take notice.

Even as Yatin’s professional career was taking off, the entrepreneur in him did not let him rest on his laurels. Friction Welding Technologies that he set up in early 2002 was born out of this missionary zeal. The company undertook welding jobs for various engineering components, considered path-breaking around the time.

FWT today manufactures friction welding machines with a state-of-art, latest technology that has attracted clients from across the shores. The innovation, process-automation, method and system-oriented approach and discipline he brings to the company have catapulted FWT among the top five friction welding companies in the world. From time to time Yatin has shared his knowledge through several papers in International Conferences and Seminars. FWT funds several R&D projects that find application in the real world. All geared up, Yatin and his team are now on the threshold of becoming a dominant world player in devising manufacturing solutions through innovation and technology.