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For a company to have a sustained growth, it is very important to have an environment that is conducive to creating growth opportunities for everyone, resolving any issues and nurturing talents.


At FWT, employees are an asset and they are treated like one. Every person has a unique ability and FWT focuses on building these abilities for their employees. The company proactively invests time and money into the development of the office and the floor employees alike. There are scheduled training programs that develop the employees holistically not just technically. This includes Information Technology (MS Office, ERP, etc.), Soft Skills (Motivation, Personality Development, Communication skills, etc. which are classroom based as well as activity based), Technical (Friction Welding Processes, Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, etc.) and Standards and Operating Processes (Safety, ISO, Quality, Planning, etc.).

Problem resolution

If there are any bottlenecks they are discussed in open and resolved in an amicable way. If there are any work-related problems they are discussed on sorted out in a friendly and transparent way. There are no blame games. Huddle is an opportunity, every morning, for the employees to resolve these problems and bottlenecks.

Friendly environment

The employees are encouraged to take ownership for whatever they do. Appreciations are given generously for honest and outstanding work, and issue resolution substitutes criticism. Hierarchy is maintained only for accountability, but there is a flat structure at the time of celebration. There are birthday celebrations, celebrations on special occasions like – the mango festival or the out-bounds which are fun and adventure combined.

Attitude of Gratitude

As a professional working on one of the most advanced technology in one of the most cheerful surroundings, one is filled with so much gratitude. When one is full of happiness and joy there is an inherent feeling to give.

FWT actively participates in social service through various mediums:

  • Donation of books and funds for various purposes to numerous institutes
  • Sponsoring education for students at various institutes
  • Donated one day of salary towards water crises resolution of Marathwada region

Holistic training & development, unbiased opportunities, environment nurturing growth and expression of gratitude & joy – FWT is a unique blend of all.