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The team of FWT has been into Friction Welding Industry since 1997 and understands the technology inside out. It understands the advantages and what can go wrong. Pre-emptive control systems are implemented that make the machines completely idiot-proof. Issues arising from not loading the components, loading the wrong components to loading the components wrongly, the system takes into consideration any human errors and fixes them or aborts the program before the process begins. FWT has manufactured world-class friction welding machines that have received accolades and appreciations from all around the world.

“You are Mercedes in India, you can sell this machine all over the world“ – Walter Weh, General Manager, KUKA,GmbH GERMANY.

These machines have been installed in India and abroad since 2011 and have been fully functional without any stoppages till date. The company believes that quality of the work should be equal at all levels from an operator, to a technician, from the managers to the directors, and from the smallest component to the external body. Hence, even the minutest component within the machine bears a high quality not just in terms of functionality but also in terms of its look and feel. Even though the internals of the machines cannot be viewed, it is ensured that they are maintained in the best of health and looks.

FWT Machines have computerized controls with easy-to-use customized software to monitor and control all process parameters for good and consistent quality of weld joint. The controller has a smart system that identifies whether the components are loaded correctly and the desired output is produced. For any discrepancies with the desired output, the job is automatically rejected by the machine. A strong access control system and interlock setting for every level of the hierarchy makes the entire machine robust and ensures a guaranteed quality output. Database of set and actual parameters for each & every job is stored in the computer. Any system can be monitored by an authorized user remotely.

FWT builds made-to-order machines, based on our client’s needs. The designing phase is conducted in-house and before actual fabrication work begins, the design is validated through Ansys simulation system and fine-tuned until it is passed by the FE analysis tool. The parts and components are fabricated and the assembly stage 1 is tested. Once the machine passes the testing phase, every component and part undergoes a beautification/face-lift coating to ensure the machine looks and functions like a world-class product. Post final assembly, the entire system is thoroughly tested before commissioning it to the clients.

Manufacturing Process Flowchart

All our machines are versatile and cater to all geometries of a job. All branded and internationally accepted components, which are also available locally, are used which assures maximum performance and improved life of the machines. All the machines come with a one-year warranty and full-service support.

Some of our top performers are

Unique Features of
FWT Machines

Robust, Custom-built
Perfection across any geometry
Highly configurable and user-friendly controller module
Built-in flash turning attachment or separate de-flash module
Pre-emptive error rectification
Easy to troubleshoot due to multi-level sensors
1 year warranty, onsite support and 24x7x365 remote support

Components of only the best makes are used in the machines. Here is the list of makes and components that are used:

Controller Software Features

User-friendly & highly configurable controller across various parameters

Interlocks to manage access control

Stores history across different parameters and enables ad-hoc reporting – job-wise, operator-wise, client-wise, job-status-wise and more

Pre-emptive error detection and resolution

Interface for remote connectivity, helps in error diagnosis and troubleshooting from remote setup