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FWT in partnership with MTI proudly present the next generation, tiny beast – SPARTAN. Designed with the advanced technology, SPARTAN perfectly fits the bill for cost efficiency requirement of your organization. With the decades of technical expertise from MTI and low-cost superior technology from FWT, SPARTAN provides consistent, quality welds at practical prices.
SPARTAN is available in the domestic as well as international market. It is available in 5, 15, 30 and 45 ton nomenclature. SPARTAN is the ideal solution for you if you need:

  • Sophisticated features within a standard machine.
  • Consistent Weld Quality
  • Extremely cost-effective friction welding solution
  • To exceed cycle time goals

Simple Design, Advanced Technology

SPARTAN is very user-friendly and comes with a highly intuitive control panel. It allows configuring various parameters through a simple interface. It allows real-time report generation as well as that on historical data, based on job, part, operator, job status, or your client.But, on the inside SPARTAN performs all the hard work with consistent precision. Employing the Direct Drive Friction Welding technology SPARTAN ascertains stronger welds, bimetallic welding, faster cycle times, and reliability. It is designed for high-volume production and is manufactured to the highest quality standards.SPARTAN is equipped with preemptive control systems for error detection and elimination. It is a machine-controlled process, and therefore SPARTAN can be programmed to specific parameters, leading to improved accuracy and consistency.

Designed to meet your needs

SPARTAN comes with a select number of optional features, so that you can configure the machine based on your need. This customization helps you with:


Fixture clamping and chuck options
can dramatically reduce changeover
time – with as low as 30 seconds.


SPARTAN can seamlessly integrate with
your existing production line or a fully
automated production cell, improving
efficiency and productivity at a low cost.

Flash Removal

The inbuilt de-flash option
eliminates downstream
processes and saves time.

Smooth Operations

Every SPARTAN machine comes with a remote diagnostics tool that allows the technicians to connect, identify and resolve issues from a remote location. Further, these machines are backed by one year warranty. After the first year we would recommend the extended warranty and preventive maintenance for your SPARTAN.

SPARTAN Enhanced Preventive Maintenance

  • 5% Spare Parts Discount
  • 5% Machine Part Replacement Discount
  • 10% Emergency Service Discount
  • 0% Re-laser Alignment Discount
  • 10% Discount Instrument Calibration (RPM/PSI)
  • 10% Discount Instrument Calibration (RPM/PSI)
  • 1 Visit per year
  • 2 Days on Site per year
  • 36 Hour response time
  • Oil Sampling & Report
  • 10% On-Site Training Discount

SPARTAN – a key tool in your quest for automation, cost efficiency and weld consistency.

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