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FWT are one of the top friction welding companies across the world in terms of size and technology. Since 2002, the company has been adopting and innovating newer technologies and process-automation within the industry. The company has successfully completed millions of jobs for some of the most prestigious clients. From Al to Cu, Steel to Alloy, Al to Steel, Titanium to Titanium, FWT has successfully welded like to like, like to unlike components. These components have been implemented across various industries such as Electrical, Nuclear (B.A.R.C), Aerospace (BrahMos), Automotive, Agricultural & Trucking, Cutting Tools, Oil Refineries, Pumps & Valves, Bi-metallic & Special applications amongst others.


150mm2 Cu-Al Bimetal cable lug.

150mm2 Cu-Al connector

150mm2 Cu-Al inline connector

(Al 6063 – SS 316 )

Transition Joint for Nuclear Reactor

Bimetallic Flange

S-Cam Shaft

Drive Shaft

Hydraulic Orbital Motor Shaft

Propeller Shaft


Bimetal Engine Valve

Link Rod

Oil Gear Pump

Shift Rod

Tripot Outer

Hydraulic Lift Link

Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rod

Rock Cutting Drill


Flow Control valve

Butterfly Valve

Flow Control valve

Friction Weld Joint

Pump Shafts

Bi-Metal Shaft

Flow Control valve

Bi-Metal Shaft

Butterfly Valve

X-Ray Tube Rotor

Cu-SS Joints for Plasma Research Institute

Electrical Contact

Hexagonal weld with orientation

Bi-Metallic Specimen

Squares welded with orientation

Body Forging


Linear Bush Bearings


Contract Manufacturing

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Industry-wise jobs done

Some of the unique benefits of FWT jobs are:
1. Quick turn-around time
2. Optimum shrinkage
3. No porosity
4. Welding across any geometry
5. Precise & accurate job
6. Thoroughly tested across physical and chemical parameters