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Quality is as much an internal characteristic as an external characteristic. The former often manifests into the latter. If internally we are high quality oriented, the product or the output will often be of high standards – one causes the other. Quality assurance is a preventive philosophy and Testing is a detection philosophy.

At FWT, we implement Poka-yoke model which makes the entire process of welding and manufacturing an idiot-proof process. We believe that if we pre-emptively identify and act on the points of failure, we can produce a much better quality product, besides saving time and energy.

Our Controller software has the flexibility of configuring the right parameters for a job and enforceability in terms of interlocks, rules and access control.

Contract Manufacturing

Even before the machine gets built, we create a machine and circuit design and get it tested with Ansys (Finite Element Analysis) software to validate the feasibility of the design. The software guides us on any design flaws and helps us fix the design to nullify those flaws.


Testing the design using Ansys Software

Bed, Columns (Head Stock & Tail Stock), Pillar

Material Used: IS 2062 is used for all the parts of the Assembly Young’s Modulus=210 Gpa, Poisson’s Ratio: 0.29

Every new job undertaken undergoes a pilot testing, which enables benchmarking various parameters – friction, brake delay, upset delay, upset, pressure, etc. This pilot job is then put through rigorous relevant testing, esp. to validate its sustainability at the conditions it is going to work. Testing includes: Tensile, bend test, fractographs, microstructure profile, microhardness and petal test.


Pilot testing flow

Pilot testing
Various forms of testing