Pioneers of Friction Welding in India

We manufacture world-class, highly advanced friction welding machines, and provide contract manufacturing services for domestic and international clients across several industries including: Cutting tools, Agricultural & Trucking, Aircraft & Spacecraft, Bimetallic & Special applications, Defense, Electrical, Nuclear, Oil refineries, and more.



& Trucking

& Spacecraft

Bimetallic & Special applications

Oil refineries


Innovation is the core purpose of all human life

We at FWT are passionate about unifying Innovation and Technology. Our passion for innovation drives us to break conventions and realize newer possibilities. It has helped us set new benchmarks, year-after-year and reach newer heights every single time. 

  • Harnessing Technology to Lead Innovation

  • When performance and reliability are vital, and excellence is assumed, FWT machines are your ideal choice, when implementing friction welding is a key strategic decision, and not just a short-term cheap solution. The FWT range of machines is rugged and built to last. Loaded with intelligent control systems, our machines can rise up to any challenge – be it the nature of metals, applications, dimensions or geometry.

FWT 40 – Birla Precision Tools

Size: 40 Ton
Application: Cutting tool
Industry: Cutting Tools

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Size: 15 Ton
Application: Drive Shaft
Industry: Automotive

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Double Ended Friction Welding Machine

Size: 15 Ton
Application: Drive Shaft
Industry: Automotive

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Size: 60 Ton
Application: Hydraulic Piston Rods
Industry: Hydraulic Solutions

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FWT – 30

Size: 30 Ton
Application: Gear Components
Industry: Automotive

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FWT 60

Size: 60 Ton
Application: Hydraulic Piston Rods
Industry: Automotive

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Looking for enhanced productivity?

“I am still impressed with your knowledge and your refurbishment of the Model 120, as well as Model 180 which you are doing now.“ “Your experience with in Friction Welding would be a valuable asset to Nash.“

Dietmar Spindler,

Ex Chairman AWS commitee on Friction Welding and GM MTI, USA.-

“FWT, Pune had provided technical expertise for sucessful development of Friction Welding Process for welding of Al6061-SS304 Bi-metallic Transition Joints.“

  • Dr. K. Bhanumurthy,

  • Head SIRD, BARC, Mumbai.

“FWT, Pune is pioneer in the field and has thorough knowledge of the process. FWT user interface is very user friendly. This helped us to gain confidance about the process capability for BRAHMOS application.“

Mr. Rajkumar,

Sr. General Manager – Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., Aerospace Division.-

Recognition of our Innovation

Industry experts highlighting our Innovation capabilities