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Uncompromisingly stringent quality processes

We are driven to attain the highest level of performance in everything we do. That’s one of our core values. Excellence is why we exist. We have been recognized as the “Mercedes in India” by world leaders in friction welding industry, for setting highest quality standards. When you work with us, high-quality in performance and aesthetics are guaranteed. Safety, performance, precision, material utilization, functionality, output, energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, durability, reliability, automation, ease-of-use form the core of our quality production. And design, aesthetics, space optimization and intuitiveness form the external elements.


Excellence is a part of our organisational DNA. Be it a machine operator or the director of the company, quality is imbibed in every team member of FWT. POKA-YOKE and 5S form the strategic operational techniques for our success. Therefore, there is no scope for human errors or clutter at work. Our machines silently work on what they are really good at – consistently delivering awesome quality results.

To optimize business processes and ensure promptness, a strong ERP system has been implemented across departments.

All FWT machines exported to the European market have CE self-certification. FWT has EN ISO 9001:2015 certification in accordance with TÜV Austria CERT procedures for management systems.

* FAROARM® is the registered product of FARO Technologies, Inc.

Machining Measurement Accuracy for machine building

We don’t leave even a few microns to chance. Employing accuracy measurement machines is the key.

FAROARM® is one such instrument that has been implemented in our machine-building process. FAROARM® is recognised as the world’s most innovative portable 3D measurement solution provider for factory metrology. It is built from nearly three decades of manufacturing innovation and experience to enable highly-precise and reliable 3D measurements of both large and small parts during production and quality assurance processes.

For super precision with extremely low microns, our machines undergo measurements on CMM. Our Controller software has the flexibility of configuring the right parameters for a job and enforceability in terms of interlocks, rules and access control.

Recognition of our Excellence