Date: Dec 2015

Friction Welding Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (FWT) proudly announces multi-year partnership with Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI) – global leaders in joining and welding solutions since the last nine decades and four generations. Together with MTI, FWT designs and manufactures world-class, next-generation and highly economical friction welding machines for the international market under the brand name – SPARTAN. With the decades of technical expertise from MTI and low-cost superior technology from FWT, SPARTAN provides consistent, quality welds at practical prices.

Mr. Yatin Tambe – Founder & Director of FWT – says “We have been working with MTI since 2008-2009 when we were refurbishing Model 180 friction welding machine. We were developing our weld-control, while MTI was mechanically upgrading the machine. Established in 1926, MTI has a rich and wide experience in the friction welding industry and is looked up to by all the manufacturing and engineering companies in the world. Solving challenging manufacturing problems, setting quality benchmarks and innovation are the three characters that define FWT. We found the roots of same traits in MTI. This realization is what got us talking with MTI in terms of a long-terms partnership.

<Picture of Yatin with MTI US Managing Director>

Mr. Yatin Tambe, Founder & Director, FWT and Mr. XXXXXX, Managing Director, MTI, US signing the partnership agreement.

MTI team visited our manufacturing facility several times and was very happy with our operations and set-up. The idea was to blend the best of both the worlds and come-up with a solution that addressed the challenges of a larger market-place. The resulting product is SPARTAN. In mid-term, we look forward to establishing this brand across various industries around the world. In long-term we wish to continue innovation, help achieve sustainability and deliver world’s best manufacturing solutions to our clients.”

Mr. Richard Jones – Managing Director of MTI Welding Technologies Ltd., UK – observes that, “FWT is much respected in the friction welding industry in India. The range of machines that FWT has built is very, very good. The outside cosmetics are very high standard; but not only that; the software that’s being developed and the technology that is put into the machine really sets them apart from other manufacturers in this part of the world. So we are working on an even level.

Mr. Yatin Tambe, Founder & Director, FWT & Mr. Richard Jones, Managing Director, MTI UK discussing the design and schedule for the first SPARTAN.

They understand the problems that are associated with some difficult joining techniques in the friction welding world. Our people regularly visit, we check prior to shipment, and there is always a friendly and open environment that this is worked within. Right throughout every phase of the project, there is a structured team at FWT taking charge of the purchase, design and development. There is always a transparent communication with the team and there are pre-assigned sales, purchase, technical and project managers communicating with their counter-parts here in the UK.

The long term business goal is to create a direct-drive range of machines with FWT (SPARTAN) that would be competitive and have all the functionality that one would expect from a high-end machine, and establish these within the marketplace.”