All for One, One for All

Our team is the heart of our organization, and we have a very positive work culture filled with fun, learning and growth. So in this section, we thought, let the team speak.



I think the best way to define FWT in one sentence is “A company that works with Commitment, Excellence, Value, Integrity and Responsibility.” To us these are not just core values, but they are a part of our DNA. Right from our Founder Director to the machine operators and housekeeping helpers, everyone understands the importance of these and employ these principles not just in the office, but also in their real lives. Each one of us has total clarity of where we fit in the entire jigsaw of this organization, and do our best to deliver peak performance in our roles. It’s the culture which was initially set-up by Yatin Sir, which has now become an inherent part of this organization.


– Mayur

When we work, we work really hard,
We also have a lot of fun at work, and finally,
We are fun to work with…

There is a vibe of positivity within the office. All the processes have been set. But we are never satisfied with the status-quo. Every single day we look forward to making our product better and better. The best part of our day is when we face technology challenges. There’s a funny story behind it. Our founder director is very fond of adventure. Some of it is highlighted here. So the fun started when he came back after performing a tandem jump in Thailand. Now we organized a paragliding event and he insisted all of us take part in it. The thought itself scared the hell out of us. But then he conducted a brief warm-up and motivational session. Even then reluctantly we signed up for it. But, in the end we thoroughly enjoyed it. Before, we thought it was scary, and then we are like “Let’s do it again”. What fun man! Fear was all in the mind.

Now whenever there’s any sort of challenge, we know it’s a mind game and face it head-on! The feeling of achievement and growth inspires us more than the fear. This growth – personal growth mapped to growth as an employee – is what inspires me at FWT.



FWT is like a family to me – a family with targets for individuals as well as for the whole. I mean, there’s same level of bonding, love, fighting, taking ownership that exists within the family. We never feel pressurized with the targets; but yes we do feel alive when we have to work with aggressive target-lines. A strong management team is always there to handhold you, and guide you through the corporate lessons with professional chapters. We are internally trained with the entrepreneurship attitude. The company truly cares for us. Any kind of help or support, be it financial, or any other, is not given with a sense of expectation. An employee who was quitting, but had a paid training scheduled on the day she was being relieved, was still encouraged to undergo the training after she was being relieved. Recently, machine operators who completed 15 years with FWT, were gifted scooters which were registered with their names on it. Now if any of those operators decide to leave the organization for better prospects, those scooters would still belong to them. There’s no bad blood.

Also, there is a flat hierarchy. We all sit together and have food together, enjoy the mango festival together, celebrate annual days, team outdoors, etc. without any formalities, hierarchies or egos in our heads. Now this is what I mean when I say it’s a family.



At FWT, we get opportunities to evolve as better people. We are pushed beyond our existing capabilities to outperform our past achievements. Each one of us thinks about how she / he can contribute towards bettering the existing way of doing things. How can we better the technology, how best we can meet client needs and work towards exceeding client expectations. Even if the client is happy with higher tolerance, how best we can lower the tolerance by employing better technology-methodology. But not just in work, we are provided with so many opportunities across all aspects of life. We are encouraged for public speaking, conduct training, travel internationally for exhibitions.



One of the key areas where we feel so very happy is our CSR. I wouldn’t call it just CSR, because it’s so much more than that. We get an opportunity to take full educational responsibility of the girl child of our blue collar employees. It’s not just a financial help, but we are actively involved in the process, by meeting their teachers, buying books for them, monitoring their progress, understanding their passion, hobbies, and helping them pursue those. We have seen marked improvement in the overall personality development of such children since the past few years. We feel so happy, peaceful, touched, and having done something meaningful in life, when we see these children become bold, hone their talents and perform on various social platforms and competitions. This is where we feel we have grown beyond ourselves.



Focus on Innovation, Technology & Excellence

With an in-house innovation team and an investment of over 30% on R&D, FWT has been setting industry benchmarks in innovation, quality, systems and practices.

Core Ideologies

FWT is driven by a strong set of core ideologies.

It defines the way we work, set our priorities, interact with people, shape our thought-process and live our lives. These ideologies or principles have been carefully formulated by the entire team and each team member is responsible in its nurturing.


Educate Girl Child, Create an Evolved Society

The core purpose of this initiative is to encourage girl child education. It involves providing them with academic and social support to continue education thereby meeting challenges of society through their overall development.